Scavenger hunt blog post

Hi friends and family, The group is currently in Matagalpa Nicuragua and we are loving it. We start our first homestay tomorrow and spanish classes. Some of us know more spanish than others, but none of us are persect. So we are very excited to be diving into the language and getting to be able to communicate with the local people. We are so lucky to have this group! Everyone… Read More

Scavenger hunt check in!

It is Anna, Jimmy, and PJ from the Quetzal Central America group. Currently we are in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. As part of this orientation scavenger hunt we are tasked with sending you a couple sentences about our time so far in Nicaragua to spice up your day and give it a litte livelihood. So far we have been getting to know each other in the group with various group activities. Some… Read More

Safe arrival

We received word that the QUETZAL group has arrived safely in Matagalpa. They are settling into their hostel and getting ready to head to lunch. They are very excited to have arrived and to be beginning their journey. In the coming days, the students will be posting updates here, sharing how their orientation is going. We look forward to reading about the this adventure from their perspective.… Read More

Off to Nicaragua!

The QUETZAL students have all arrived safely to LAX and are together as a group for the first time! They are checked in for their flight to Nicaragua and are getting ready to head through security. They are already enjoying getting to know one another and are looking forward to the journey ahead. We wish them safe and easy travels tonight and will post another blog here once we receive… Read More

Saludos de Portland!!

Hola Team Quetzal Students, Families and Friends!! It has been wonderful getting to chat with all of you over the past few weeks, our excitement for the upcoming semester is through the roof! From our brief conversations, it seems we have a really strong group, with all of you ready to bring your own passions and strengths to our new community. We are in the midst of staff training in… Read More

Diving and closing the trip in Roatan

We were welcomed by clear blue water and beautiful beaches here in Roatan earlier this week. Everyone had a blast breathing underwater in the form of either snorkeling or scuba diving, and most of the group got to finish the week with a certification and some fun dives. The mood has been bittersweet as we have been preparing for our separation from each other and our return to the “real… Read More

Student Directed Travel (Antigua) and El Paredon

We said goodbye to our new friends at the Mystical Yoga Farm climbed onto a small boat and begun our Student Directed Travel time in Guatemala. Getting across Lake Atitlan was and adventure through some huge waves and, to say the least, our butts are pretty sore from boat ride. Student Directed Travel took us to Antigua, a beautiful colonial town. A few of the fun activities we took part… Read More

Difficult Hike Followed by Blissful Yoga

Last weekend, we exchanged the normal contents of our packs for tents, sleeping bags, and lots of food before embarking on a strenuous (to say the least) 2 day trek through the highlands of Guatemala. On the first day, we were greeted with rain, fog, and even a downpour of hail. We didn’t let the chilly first night ruin our attitudes though, and we enjoyed a fun second day of… Read More

Mountain School and Xela

Since we last touched base in Guatemala City, the Quetzal group has traveled to two more Spanish schools and we’re currently stationed in the beautiful (and rather chilly) city of Xela. Before arriving here we studied in a sister school located in a charming city in the mountains where we shared meals with host families and got a closer look into rural Guatemalan livelihoods. There we had many opportunities to… Read More

Eco-Lodge and City Adventures

After an exciting week full of turtles and sleep deprivation, we packed our bags and caught a bus back to San Jose for the night. We stayed at Mi Tierra, a local hostel, and because of the size of our group (a whopping 14 people) we had the whole place to ourselves! The next morning we swapped tires for wings and flew to Guatemala City, Guatemala. The view from the… Read More

San Juan del Sur

Arrival at San Juan Del Sur! We´ve finally reached out first student directed travel destination. Everyone´s expectations were totally blown out of the water as soon as we stepped into the hostel. The hostel we are staying at, Casa De Oro, is a comfortable change from Bona Fide. Instead of sleeping with mosquitos and tarantulas and whatever other bugs decide to get friendly at night, we actually have air conditioning… Read More

First Week on Finca Bona Fide

After 2 bus rides, a taxi ride, a ferry, and a van ride, the group successfully left Matagulpa, and arrived at the Bona Fide permaculture farm on the island of Omatepe, located in Lake Nicaragua. We’ve spent the past week getting up bright and early, and tasking ourselves with a variety of jobs such as hauling firewood and rice husks, weeding the gardens, and trailblazing with machetes. We’ve adjusted to… Read More