Luang Prabang

    We descended from the hills of Lao into our home base of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage City, looking ahead to three days of relax and exploration before traveling… Read More

    The trek….Let us give you a break down each day of the 5 day trek and 2 day water rafting in Laung Prabang….. Day one,we got into several different moving… Read More

    A bit of a rant…

    Hey There everyone.SOO much has happened its difficult to recap it. Some highlights are as follows: Our group did a Tuk-Tuk ride for peace on International day of peace in… Read More

    Let’s Paint!

    Hey everyone,I would tell you where exactly we are but my role in the group does not involve pronouncing or spelling names correctly. What I will tell you is we… Read More

    Flight Delays

    The group is doing fine and as we speak have all their luggage and some good meal & hotel vouchers from Cathay Pacific as they’ve had to make an unexpected… Read More