Saying Goodbye

By Julia Gordon Heading to Ho Chi Minh city, a final bus ride I will never forget. After leaving our guesthouse in Dalat, also home to a wonderful family, whose… Read More

Pun Pun Organic Farm

By James Stewart There is a certain sense of emotional and spiritual fulfillment that can only be obtained by walking barefoot along a rural, mud-covered road. It lies in the… Read More


Hello and welcome to one of our final blogs as we enter the home stretch of this trip. This week we came out of student directed travel through the wild… Read More

Mr Him

Nestled on the southern coast of Cambodia lies the town of Kampot, a short walk through the town will find you more english text than Khmer script as foreign run… Read More

Kmer Fun

Hello blog readers, my name is Brenden and I will be the one writing the blog this week. Our last day at PTD involved watching a group of Khmer students… Read More


This week was spent transitioning, we left from a peaceful yoga meditation retreat into the small city of Chaing mai Thailand for one day.we spent this day at a pool… Read More