Thai Time

Hello everyone and all distinguish guest; I’m Martin Farias!. I will be the first author in writing our first blogs, as each week goes by, everyone will have a chance… Read More

Scavenger Hunting

After seven-teen hours of travel, our group of eight have made it to the magical country of Thailand. Its unbelievable to think after weeks of preparing mentally for this trip… Read More

Sabai Sabai

The Southeast Asia group has found each other, all 8 of them are already getting to know each other, playing some shuttle cock (a vietnamese game) and about ready to… Read More

Packing Our Bags

Sawadee! (Hello!) Sabai Crew and all who will be following and supporting us on this journey! Anya and Chris here, your OEs for Carpe Diem’s Spring Sabai Semester. We write… Read More

Finishing touches

We never thought this day would come. After all our crazy absurd adventures and experiences, we are actually down to our last few hours in Southeast Asia. Its hard to… Read More

The Things We Carried

In Thailand we carried bulging heavy packs into the San Francisco airport, our day packs strapped across our chests and our hands dripping with sweat. We carried different backgrounds and… Read More

Student Directed Travel Begins

After spending the week scuba diving and relaxing on Phu Quoc, student directed travel has officially begun! As a group we’re responsible for booking accommodations, transportation, and day-to-day activities. It… Read More

Teaching English!

Hello everyone! This past week we had an amazing oppoutunity to teach English for a few days at an organization called PTD. The people here were so kind and welcomed… Read More

Angkor Wat

Waking up at 4:30 in the morning never gets any easier. We rode over to the Angkor World Heritage site in tuk tuks as a group. Arriving before sunrise, we… Read More

Cutting It Close

This week has been crazy hectic between jumping off a ten hour train to Ayutthaya, bicycling around the city, then heading to Bangkok for three days where we got to… Read More