From Phnom Penh to Kratie

By Chris Denning The past few days our Sabai group has traveled to Cambodia! We arrived for our first few days in the bustling city of Phnom Penh. The city that holds just about 1.5 million, felt no bigger than a small town. We spent our first few days throughout the city, exploring the beautiful temples and the royal palace. We saw the extravagant Central market and walked along the… Read More

Elephant Sanctuary & Trekking: A Photo Story

Sites along the trek. During the trek, the group stayed at local villages along the way and met many kind hosts. Navigating the rivers on a bamboo raft in Northern Thailand. During the trek the group was able to visit an elephant sanctuary. The students enjoyed visiting and playing with the elephants, while learning about all of the ways elephants can be mistreated and how to help rescue elephants.Read More

Adventures in Northern Thailand: A Photo Story

Participating in activities at a local festival in Northern Thailand. Celebrations include music, stilt walking, and fishing. OE Jon practices his flying skills. Hanging by the river waiting for the festivities to begin in Nan Thailand. Puppy friend at the permaculture farm. The group takes a photo break during their trek outside of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Drinking out of bamboo cups at a break during the trek outside of Chiang Read More

From Thung Chung to Bangkok!

Hello family and friends of the Sabai group! This past week the group headed to our friend Sandot’s permaculture farm in Thung Chung, Thailand. Permaculture farming is a style of sustainable farming that is able to use its surrounding areas to its advantage. This enables the farmer to interact with the farm as minimally as possible (once it is established). We learned so much on the farm. The first day… Read More

Trekking to Small Villages in Thailand

By Alejandra Villanueva Navarro We have arrived back to Chaing Mai after four days of trekking and walking to small villages. Our first day of trekking seemed like an endless walk of going up and down steep hills but arriving at the small welcoming villages made it all worth it. We stayed in a cabin with no electricity and a small mattress to sleep on, but it was all we… Read More

Diving into Thai Culture

By Nitzny This week we stay at our homestays in a village outside of Mae Rim. This was an awesome experience! We really dove into Thai culture. We got Thai lessons, learned a culture dance, and got to explore the village. We also did our service project which was cleaning a national park to help prevent wildfires. Saying goodbye to our new families was very hard but we are all… Read More

Scavenger Hunt: Four Voices

By Dominique, Ashley, Jeremy, and Nitzny The first week of Southeast Asia is so amazing. Something that I completely adore about the city is the architecture. The vibrant colors just show so much of the countries culture and how they live. Every building that I look at is different and are significant in their own way. The temples are on every corner and being able to see a new temple… Read More

Safe arrival!

Dear families and friends of the Southeast Asia group, I’ve just heard from group leaders Cari and Jon – the group has arrived safely to Chiang Mai, Thailand! They are gathering their bags and getting ready to head to their hostel. All is well so far, they had a safe and easy flight, but they are looking forward to getting some rest and then diving into their orientation. Stay tuned… Read More

Excited to Meet the Crew!

Sawadee Kha/Krap Sabai crew! This is Cari and Jonathan here, reaching out from Portland, Oregon. We hope you are all as stoked as we are for our upcoming adventures! We have been racking our brains to ensure the most epic experiences that will blow your mind! If you are feeling those pre-departure jitters, just know that it’s normal, and it means that you are about to have a truly meaningful… Read More

Two Cups of Happy, One Cup of Sad

By Overseas Educators Rachel and Sheldon It’s such a strange feeling, an odd combination of elation and loss at the end of a journey like this. On the one hand, we did it! Made it through all the homesickness, doctor’s visits, long, hot, crowded bus rides, squat toilets, hard floors, and personal tiffs, and now we get to go home! On the other hand, we did it! But now what?… Read More

Saying Goodbye

By Julia Gordon Heading to Ho Chi Minh city, a final bus ride I will never forget. After leaving our guesthouse in Dalat, also home to a wonderful family, whose son serinated us with his lovely performance on the piano each night, playing America’s “greatest” pop hits, and mom who greeted us each time we came in the front door with such excitement and interest, just like my actual mom,… Read More

Mangroves, Fish, & Amoebas, Oh My!

blog and photos from Kyla M Taking a turn from cultural constipation, our group members were plummeting (literally!) Thanks to my bad luck, I got the worst of an amoeba invasion (a bacterial infection caused by consuming dirty water). It has definitely been a nerve racking experience having to go to the hospital in a foreign country, but it has taught me how to be brave and to always look… Read More

The Cambodian People: Resilient & Determined

By Eliza Patterson For about the past week, we have been exploring the cities of Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia. These two cities have offered us two very different, but interesting, experiences. Siem Reap is a city built for tourists. There were three different night markets within walking distance from our hostel and at least two fried ice cream roll stands on every corner. Chocolate croissants and even… Read More