Surrender to Freedom and Joy

To our dear Shanti Family, It’s bittersweet to say goodbye to each of you today. We have shared so much over these past few months and grown close, like family. Each of you have shared your beautiful spirit with our group and with the communities we have met in India, and we will always be grateful to each of you for the originality, light, and kindness that each of you… Read More

A Day In The Life at Sadhana Forest

It is hard to believe that this week brought about the end of November and the final stages of our itinerary here in India, but there is no where I would have rather spent it than in Sadhana Forest. Our group spent 10 days sleeping in tree-house bamboo huts under mosquito nets in a small community outside of Auroville that is based on forest regeneration, water conservation and sustainable living.… Read More

Kochi: It’s A Feeling

Kochi: it’s not a city, it’s a feeling. Kochi: a tropical, coastal wonderland full of culture, food, and fun. This whole trip, I’ve never felt so at home as I’ve felt in Kochi. Every one of us has a chance to take classes on varying topics and stay with wonderful host families. Every day, we would wake up and have breakfast with our host families before going to our own… Read More

Yoga & Exploring Rishikesh

Written By Sydney & Alex After a 4 day track through the cold, dry Himalayas, a week of yoga and exploring Rishikesh was just what this group needed! It’s easy to understand why this place is regarded a sacred! Lush, green forest stretches from the mountain tops to the shores of the Ganges. The smells of incense fill the town and you can hear the insects wherever you go. Teaming… Read More

On Top of The World in Ladakh

We started our time together surrounded by the towering, barren, and snowy mountains in the Himalayas in Leh, Ladakh. On arrival, we spent a couple of days acclimatizing to the extreme altitude of 11,000 feet. A few of our group members started to feel the symptoms of altitude sickness, while others begin to battle the slowly spreading flu. Even so, the excitement about the new climate and the upcoming stay… Read More

Religion in Delhi

The past few days, we’ve been treated to a lavish smorgasbord of religion. On Tuesday, we began the day by attending a lengthy meditation service with an English-born Tibetan Buddhist monk. Rather than talk about religion, he spoke to us about the environment, saying that everyone needs to learn to “settle for less” – a very Buddhist statement, even though his speech could equally have come from the mouth of… Read More

Exploring Delhi and Jaipur

Greetings from the Shanti Group! We are pleased to report that we have had a great first week in India, full of new sights, sounds and warm connections with our local hosts. After nearly 48 hours of airplane and airport time, we hit the ground running with two full days of orientation in Delhi. Highlights included: exploring the beautiful Lodhi gardens with tombs from the 14th and 15th century, tasting… Read More

Shanti Scavenger Hunt Check-ins

We started our journey in the market, the first thing we found was food for the other group members for the long train ride. Once we gathered snacks and fed ourselves with some Gongala. We found a convenience store across the street food place that sold toilet paper for 15 rupees. When interacting with the store clerk we noticed he spoke decent English and with the addition of his age… Read More

Shanti Group Safe in New Delhi!

Dear Shanti Friends and Family: The Shanti group has landed safely in Delhi and have settled into their accommodation. It was a long journey, having a brief layover in Hong Kong and a few hours in Singapore. The group is healthy, happy, more than a little tired, and are looking forward to a good night’s sleep. The group will begin Orientation activities tomorrow, and will begin exploring the myriad sites,… Read More

Shanti Group: Together in San Francisco!

Dear Shanti Friends and Family: We wanted to update you and let you know that the entire Shanti group has safely arrived at SFO airport. The group will go through security and then dive into a few introduction and orientation activities led by their Overseas Educators, Rebecca and Peter. The group will then embark on their long flight across the Pacific Ocean, en route to Delhi, India! We will provide… Read More

A Shanti September

The first week of each September, all of the Carpe Diem leaders gather in a cozy house-turned-hostel in Portland, Oregon to prepare for the upcoming semester. For leaders, it is a time to meet new staff, reconnect with old friends, better get to know our co-leaders and program directors, and set goals and intentions for the next three months. Throughout our ten-day training, in addition to studying our budgets and… Read More

Final Blog

Written By Rebecca & Adam Ahh! The time has come to say our final goodbyes. This has been an amazing journey and it has been so nice to share it with all of you. As leaders, we are grateful for the individuals that you all are and it has been an honor to be a part of this trip of transformation and discovery. We are excited to stay in touch… Read More

Time In Amritsar

Written By Georgia Namaste friends and family! This is Georgia, writing to you all about our time in Amritsar. After a long train journey (from 5pm to 7pm the next day) we got to our hostel tired, but excited to explore a new city. The night we arrived, Charlotte and Amiah decided to cut their hair! Charlotte asked Owen to cut her hair with a dull pair of scissors from… Read More

Time In Udaipur

Written By Olivia Hellooo again, Namaste, and greetings from India! It’s Olivia, here to rehash our past few days in Udaipur, and to let you know that we’ve just made it to Amritsar! The first day in Udaipur we woke up early (6 am ish?) to go and play Frisbee with the Flying Foxes! We did jumping exercises and Amiah and I learned how to actually throw a Frisbee! Everyone’s… Read More

Home stays in Jhadol

Written By Olivia Namaste! This is Olivia, it’s my turn to write the blog for this week, and to tell you about our most recent adventures in beautiful India! So, after our classes ended in diversely magical and superbly creative Jaipur, we found ourselves headed with Rishi-Ji and Kiran-Ji onto another train, this time headed to Udaipur and the Jhadol desert village. We tried our best to sleep on the… Read More