Safe and Sound

I wanted to post something immediately to let you all know that all of the students in all Carpe Diem groups are well, in good spirits, and bedding down for the night without incident. I’m sure some parents have noticed in the news that there’ve been some bomb blasts in Delhi and the leaders, in their safety-consciousness, have all checked in with me and had this to say: hey Ethan,… Read More

Hey Guys!

Hi everybody.I cannot believe I am in India. It’s amazing. There is so much going on all around us. I love it, and I feel like this is the place to learn a lot about myself. I know we all will. I am trying to learn the language, and people are mostly very nice. There’s something magical about India, that’s for sure.Namaste.Mychal… Read More
Hello! this is Will here! We have landed in India despite certain flight delays! and let me say it is absolutely insane and i love it! the culture is amazing and everyone is very nice and helpful, the energy here is so different from North America and this is exactly what i need. Although getting through the culture shock, Home sickness and jetlag is creating to be quite difficult i… Read More

New Delhi

Cheers!After a hectic trip, we finally arrived in New Delhi at around 2 A.M. and had an epic taxi ride to our first guest house. So far the sights, sounds, and smells are indescribable. Instead of falling right asleep, I decided to hang out on the roof of the guest house and watch the sun rise. As soon as the sun rose, I could feel the city come alive. Endless… Read More

Notes from the Airport

Well, it’s official, they’re together and ready! The group leaders just gave me a call and they have their full group – yes, everyone is there! In about three hours they’ll be airborne and embarking on a journey of three-months and a thousand experiences. I’m sure over the next few months you’ll have photos of all kinds, calls of many emotions, and growth in more angles than you could imagine.… Read More

Namaste Shanti

Welcome to the Shanti fall ’08 blog!  we will be posting here throughout the semester with all our exciting adventures and experiences.  We are currently in Portland, finishing up some final details and logistics for the semester and are looking forward to meeting you all at the airport on Tuesday and heading off to India!  We will be trying our best to take and post photos to this blog along… Read More