A Shanti September

The first week of each September, all of the Carpe Diem leaders gather in a cozy house-turned-hostel in Portland, Oregon to prepare for the upcoming semester. For leaders, it is a time to meet new staff, reconnect with old friends, better get to know our co-leaders and program directors, and set goals and intentions for the next three months. Throughout our ten-day training, in addition to studying our budgets and… Read More

Final Blog

Written By Rebecca & Adam Ahh! The time has come to say our final goodbyes. This has been an amazing journey and it has been so nice to share it with all of you. As leaders, we are grateful for the individuals that you all are and it has been an honor to be a part of this trip of transformation and discovery. We are excited to stay in touch… Read More

Time In Amritsar

Written By Georgia Namaste friends and family! This is Georgia, writing to you all about our time in Amritsar. After a long train journey (from 5pm to 7pm the next day) we got to our hostel tired, but excited to explore a new city. The night we arrived, Charlotte and Amiah decided to cut their hair! Charlotte asked Owen to cut her hair with a dull pair of scissors from… Read More

Time In Udaipur

Written By Olivia Hellooo again, Namaste, and greetings from India! It’s Olivia, here to rehash our past few days in Udaipur, and to let you know that we’ve just made it to Amritsar! The first day in Udaipur we woke up early (6 am ish?) to go and play Frisbee with the Flying Foxes! We did jumping exercises and Amiah and I learned how to actually throw a Frisbee! Everyone’s… Read More

Home stays in Jhadol

Written By Olivia Namaste! This is Olivia, it’s my turn to write the blog for this week, and to tell you about our most recent adventures in beautiful India! So, after our classes ended in diversely magical and superbly creative Jaipur, we found ourselves headed with Rishi-Ji and Kiran-Ji onto another train, this time headed to Udaipur and the Jhadol desert village. We tried our best to sleep on the… Read More

Yoga, Homestays, & Arts

Written By Owen Namaste! We have just wrapped up our time in Rishikesh with a peaceful six day yoga retreat at the Phool Chatti Ashram which is located on the breathtaking banks of the Ganga river. Our week at the ashram was packed full of yoga asanas, nature walks, meditation, chanting, and delicious vegetarian meals. After we got used to the 5:30 am wake up time, the long days left… Read More

A Week In Kolkata

Written By Amiah Namaste to all you parents, friends, pets, and other miscellaneous mystery readers! My name is Amiah and I have 18 years under my belt, soon to be 19 years during our student directed travel week in April. I’ll be your blogger for this week, and by the end of our Kolkata experience I will update all of you on our final days here since we’ve been here… Read More

Experiencing Varanasi

Written By Zevi Namaste to all! I, Zevi, from Portland, Oregon and 18 years old, have received the job to share our Shanti groups’ wonderful experience in Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India! I know everyone says that there are countless unforgettable memories of when they travel places, but our experience in Varanasi truly was exactly that: filled with countless unforgettable memories, positive, powerful, and eye opening. For starters, the… Read More

1st Week In India

Greetings from India! The Shanti group is just completing our first week in India, and it has been a whirlwind of amazing, intense, overwhelming, and awesome experiences. As part of the Carpe Diem community, we have taken to heart the meaning of ‘Carpe Diem”, and have been seizing every day. Each day has been jam packed, and we are now just starting to have some breathing room to process what… Read More

Shanti Has Arrived!

Dear Friends and Family: The Shanti group has landed safely in Delhi, settled into their accommodation, and have shared their first meal together. They are already walking the narrow streets of Delhi, reveling in the sites, smells, and sounds of India’s capital city. The journey has begun! Moving forward, the Shanti group will have the opportunity to update this blog and share their amazing stories with you. Be on the… Read More

Shanti Group United in San Francisco!

Dear Shanti Friends and Family: We wanted to update you and let you know that the Shanti group has safely arrived at the SFO airport. The group will go through security, and then dive into a few introduction and orientation activities led by their Overseas Educators, Rebecca and Adam. The group will then embark upon their long flight over the Pacific Ocean, en route to Delhi, India! We will provide… Read More

Namaste, Shanti Students and Families!

Hello from the Carpe Diem Education Shanti team! It’s been a week well spent in snowy Portland, full of games, laughs, tea and coffee. As we’re all gearing up for an exciting and transformative trip to mother India, our co-leader team is hard at work planning a great semester for our students, as well as getting to know each other. We found that we are both lovers of tea, long… Read More