Hello, it’s me, Shiva!

Written by Kate and Doug Let’s look at some numbers, shall we? We were 9 humans From 8 different states in the USA We traveled to: 1 big, diverse county… Read More

Missin’ Momos in McLeod

By Hannah Tashi Delek! Hey, again friends, family, and followers! Our long days of travel from Varanasi to Delhi and Delhi to Dharamshala have come and gone pretty smoothly. We’ve… Read More

We love Pinku Ji (Varanasi)

By Isabel Armas Namaste loag!! Let’s just start off with how we got to Varanasi; it was quite the experience. Our departure day started amazingly. We ate with the “family,”… Read More

A Week in Jaipur

By Maya Hertz Hello! We have had a very exciting past week. Last Wednesday, the 19th, we took a railway train from Delhi (where we finished orientation), to Jaipur, the… Read More

Scavenger Hunt Poem

By Sarah, Avery, and Lexie Warm and sticky air Our bodies shine in the sun Fall for this city Samosa’s and Dahl The sweet and savory smells Food will comfort… Read More

Scavenger Hunt Time!

By Hannah, Tucker, Maya, and Isabel Today is our first day going into Delhi without the OEs. It’s been an adventure. After stopping to get lunch at a street stand,… Read More

Shiva has landed

We’ve received word that the mighty Shiva group has safely arrived in New Delhi and have met up with their final group member (Maya) at their hostel. They are tired… Read More