Back in Delhi and Getting Ready for Rishikesh

Hi All =]We are back (and for the most part healthier thankfully) in Delhi after spending 5 glorious days trekking through Hemis National Park in the vast Himalayan mountain range. In what has been the highlight of the trip so far for many, we typically hiked a few hours each day while spending the rest of the time partaking in Himalayan homestays. The people we met and lived with… Read More

Leh, Ladakh

Hey Hey Everyone!Since the last post more than not of us have been rather sick with the altitude and other maladies. Things at SECMOL have been going great, playing games and getting to know the students better. Today we came into Leh around 10 and visited the Tibetan Children’s Village ( It’s a very beautiful clean campus they have set up to house, and educate ~2000 children in family units… Read More

Jule from Ladakh

We arrived safely in Ladakh after a stunning plane ride, overlooking the Himalayan mountains. Although we had little sleep, there was no way we could close our eyes to the fantastic view of the sun rising over the snowcapped mountains. Once at the SECMOL campus, we were able to rest, meet the amazing students and begin to adjust to the high elevation of about 11,000 feet. For the most part… Read More

Safe and Sound

I wanted to post something immediately to let you all know that all of the students in all Carpe Diem groups are well, in good spirits, and bedding down for the night without incident. I’m sure some parents have noticed in the news that there’ve been some bomb blasts in Delhi and the leaders, in their safety-consciousness, have all checked in with me and had this to say: hey Ethan,just… Read More

Hey All

Just wanted to say a quick hi. We made it safely to Delhi after several flight complications (making a stop in Canada). We are starting to explore the wonders of our first city in India after a delicious lunch on the rooftop of a restaurant overlooking the busy streets of Delhi. We miss you all and hope to hear from you. Namaste.Topher, Amy, Carrie, Ariel, Eva, Nalin… Read More

Flight Delays

The group is doing fine and as we speak have all their luggage and some good meal vouchers from Cathay Pacific as they’ve had to make an unexpected stop over in Vancouver, Canada. There were some minor mechanical issues that caused the stopover and subsequent cancellation, but there’s some good news. Everyone for INDIA and SHANTI that were booked on the Hong Kong leg have been rescheduled to depart at… Read More

Notes from the Airport

Well, it’s official, they’re together and ready! The group leaders just gave me a call and they have their full group – yes, everyone is there! In about three hours they’ll be airborne and embarking on a journey of three-months and a thousand experiences. I’m sure over the next few months you’ll have photos of all kinds, calls of many emotions, and growth in more angles than you could imagine.… Read More


Yes, this is the place! Our 2008 Fall India trip blog…which will soon be filled with amazing stories and beautiful photos. For the students…if you have a digital camera and cables, we can include your photos. We are currently in Portland, just putting those last sparkling touches on our trip. Have a safe journey to SFO, and we will see you soon!Suzanne & Shangu… Read More