What joys we all had.

    By Overseas Educators Paff and Cari The other night we said farewell to nine misty eyed students (and let’s be honest here, two similarly fogged up OE’s) at the Delhi… Read More

    McLeod Ganj

    Once upon a time, 9 students and 2 educators went to India. They did many fun and exciting new things, but eventually they ended up in the cool little town… Read More


    By Sea Arriving at the Golden Temple in Amritsar immediately felt different from the rest of India. A few of the main focuses of the Sikh religion are equality among… Read More

    Ashram Life!

    By Daisy Shepherd Namaste! To begin with a disclaimer: we spent much of this week at Phool Chatti Ashram in silence, so you’ll have to forgive the heavy use of… Read More


    By Sabrina Brewer In all honesty, I’ve been dreading having to write this blog post. No matter how many adjectives I use, I won’t be able to accurately describe what… Read More


    By Charlie Koloms Namaste to friends and family back home. This week for the Shiva group has been drastically different than our previous weeks in India. Instead of staying in… Read More


    By Max Morrish The past week of volunteering at the Mother Teresa homes in Kolkata has been an incredibly humanizing experience for every member of the Shiva Crew. The crew… Read More

    Shiva Heads to India

    We’ve received word that the entire Shiva crew has gathered safe and sound in the San Francisco airport. Spirits are high and everyone is excited to begin the journey! Thanks… Read More

    The time is nigh.

    Hey Shiva Team! We hope everyone has their excited pants on and you all are ready and rearing to go on an incredible adventure! We are so excited to embark… Read More