Journeys end

    Our dearest little Shivas, Where do we begin? I guess back in SFO when everyone still had hair and was feeling a little nervous for what was to come. Luckily,… Read More

    Ebbs and Flows

    Blog from Matt N. Part One: Shock and Awe Before diving into the shenanigans of Diwali, Varanasi’s own Festival of Lights of the Gods, let us delve into the bizarre… Read More

    Ladakh, Trek, and Photos!

    Blog from Grace. Photos from Jon & Anya Finishing our week at SECMOL was bittersweet. The school itself was so interesting how it taught students from various villages not only… Read More

    From Rishikesh To Ladakh

    Blog from Rachael J. As I’m on my bed that is closer to the floor than I expected at SECMOL (The “Student’s Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh”) where I’m… Read More

    The Ashram Experience

    Blog from Kippie. Photos from Jon and Anya. Note from Headquarters: the Shiva group just arrived in Leh, Ladak where they will volunteer with a partner organization and then go Read More

    Taj Mahal and Rishikesh

    Blog by Kippie. Photos from the Overseas Educators The past few days since leaving Udaipur have been filled with unpacking bags and repacking them, trains and rickshaws, and ever new… Read More

    Jhadol and Udaipur

    Blog from Elana O. Photos from the Overseas Educators Last week the Shiva group packed their bags and said their goodbyes to the host families in Jaipur. We headed to… Read More

    Shiva in Jaipur

    Submitted and written by Matthew Nguyen. Photos from the Overseas Educators, Jon and Anya. Problog: Here we are! The moment of truth has arrived. With heavy, yet optimistic hearts we… Read More

    In Delhi

    (From Elana O) Yes, there are 3 lanes on this road; yes, there are 5 rows of cars overlapping those lanes. The first car ride we took from the airport… Read More

    Independent in India

    After the first few days of orientation in Majnu Ka Tilla, a Tibetan Refugee Area, we were cast into the real world of India, its capital, Delhi. The juxtaposition between… Read More

    Holy COW

    Sergio and I, Mary just completed the craziest scavenger hunt in Dehli. We got lost a few times but all is well. Just yesterday we were mindlessly following our leaders… Read More

    Shiva: Safe in Delhi!

    The Shiva crew just gave word that they are safely in Delhi and settling in to their orientation hostel! The crew is sleepy after the long journey, but still smiling… Read More

    Dearest Shiva Crew, We’re writing you here in Kolkutta at Raj’s Cafe, sipping iced mango juice and coffee (no surprise there…) and looking at the Carpe Diem Shiva tag on… Read More

    Shiva Returns

    We have received word that the mighty Shiva group has successfully checked in for their return flight to America from New Delhi. We wish them traveling mercies on the long… Read More