Final Blog

By Overseas Educators Kelsi & Amanda As seems to happen with these beautiful journeys, while we were in the middle of our days together, time seemed to move slowly and fully, and now that we’re at the end, it’s seemed to have whizzed by. Parting each other has been difficult. The last few days post-trek we spent in historic Bhaktapur, with the exception of a pilgrimage to Namobuddha on the… Read More

LOL (Lots of Leeches)

By Emma & Ava Early in the morning, we took a seven-hour bus ride from Boudha to Pokhara to get to the 3 Sisters Trekking Company guesthouse. 3 Sisters is an all female-run trekking company that empowers young women and works hard to make trekking significantly safer for women travelers. On our first night, we were welcomed with lots of food (dal bhat, obviously), fun, and laughter while we got… Read More

Love: A Wish for Someone to Be Happy

Tristan’s right shoe was never found. It’ll be forever missing in the rice paddies of Kopan. Sophia’s left shoe began to cause her food to bleed. It worked out that the lonely shoe was put to use: Sophia wearing Tristan’s left shoe and her right shoe. It matched her shirt, and she looked astonishing. We wrapped up our time in Kopan by making our rounds and saying goodbye to all… Read More

Our FIRST Blog ;)

Howdy Folks! Tara here (Sophia & Sophia) the power couple and some of the two most valuable members of Tara ;P and we’re here to INFORM you about what is UP! We are dropping some major knowledge/deets here so get hyped up folks!! (Sophia wrote all of this, not Sophia) We met up in Kathmandu and boy was it crazzaaayy!! The group LOVES each other. We have formed unbreakable bonds… Read More