Diving into Nha Trang

Hello everyone. Since we talked last, we’ve been working hard on student presentations, catching up on sleep, and learning how to SCUBA dive in the beautiful waters of Nha Trang. On November 19th we spent our last day in Ho Chi Minh City where we went to the Vietnam War museum and learned about how the war affected not only the Vietnamese, but also many US soldiers and their families… Read More

Rafting on the Ganga

Written by Avery With our big bags stored and our goodbyes said we headed across the Laxman Jhula bridge to the last leg of our whirlwind India adventure. In the town square we were picked up by 2 friendly guys from Red Chilli adventure. After a surprisingly short ride to the Red Chilli office we got briefed by Kate’s new snack life role model, Vipin-ji, who gave us a small… Read More

The Buzzing: A Photo Story

Written by Adalyn A few weeks ago, Owen bought a razor to shave his head. After Leighton agreed to help him, they went to the roof of our Ouarzazate apartment and engaged in a shaving war that we now call “The Buzzing.” Many of us still don’t understand exactly what happened on that rooftop, but we do know that, later that night, half of our group arrived at dinner with… Read More

Hongi Group Safe Arrival in Christchurch

Greetings, Family and Friends of the Spring 2018 Hongi Crew:The group has landed safely in Christchurch!They are now exploring the city; setting intentions for the next 3 months; and creating a positive and intentional group dynamic during their Orientation in Christchurch. The adventure has begun!Hongi: Everyone at home wishes you the most incredible of journeys, and look forward to hearing of your successes, challenges, and vast array… Read More

First Impressions of Thailand

By Katherine, Taylor, and Grace Thailand is absolutey amazing. We’ve already experienced and learned so much and we love it here. This is our third day here. We are staying in a hostel in Chiang Mai, which is in northern Thailand. It’s beautiful here. The city is surrounded by mountains. The city isn’t like any American city; all of the buildings look like temples—and there are real temples everywhere! The… Read More

The Shanti crew lives to trek another day

Dear loved ones, After a beautiful excursion through the pristine wilderness of the Himalayas, we’ve stopped in the rolling hills of Darjeeling for a few days of rest. We’ve found great food, atmosphere, and an amazing abundance of tea in Darjeeling. However, tonight is our last night here and we’ll be moving onwards to Rishikesh for a week long yoga retreat in the morning. There is no stopping the powerful… Read More

Traveling with benefits

Living on the other side of the world… An idea I would never have seen coming a year ago as I put an end to my tenure in high school. To live day in and day out in a different part of the world generates so many positive experiences with so many different incredible people. The worst part of my days are when the majestic wild dolphins living in Koombana… Read More

Surfing through the Waves

I really hadnt thought to much about what adventures were coming my way, the people I was going to meet, or things I was going to see.  I was pretty open to whatever Peru had to offer and eager to get down there and start my journey.   My backpack is only about half full as I really dont need much, knowing that the majority of my time will be… Read More

10 Best Photos of the SUN from #CDEphotos2014

Nothing makes us feel simultaneously ooey, gooey, inspired, at peace, excited, calm, creamy like a good ol' sunrise or sunset. Be it the passing of the time, the incredible colors, or the oneness that touches us, one thing is certain: these moments are special, especially when shared with your friends from abroad.Whether you stand in the blue corner or the red corner, (er, whether you are pro-sunrise or pro-sunset), we don't need… Read More

10 Best Photos of SPIRITUALITY from #CDEphotos2014

Finding balance is no easy task, especially amidst the craziness that ensues from international travel. Crowded streets, horns honking, people shouting, another bus/train/airplane to catch. Phoning home, figuring out your life, missing your friends, running low on cash. Traveling can be stressful!But despite all of the hullaballoo, it is clear that our students value taking time to sit down, process, and reflect on the experience unfolding before them. The… Read More

10 Best Photos of SERVICE from #CDEphotos2014

To learn about a culture while working alongside people from that culture is a gift not many are afforded. The friendships, relationships, skills, and memories you each created while volunteering on your semester abroad are special.During week 4 of the Carpe Diem photo contest, we were given a glimpse into your service learning experiences. We were so touched by the number of people who appeared in your photos – it is clear to… Read More

10 Best Photos of Carpe SPIRIT from #CDEphotos2014

At the risk of sounding like a reject cheer squad…. "We've got spirit, yeah yeah we've got SPIRIT!!!" No, we're not trying to bring it on, but yes, we are trying to celebrate our awesome community of alumni.The Carpe Diem Education photo contest, week 3 was steeped with pride. Between your photos in the field and even your photos back home, we are so glad to see you getting some use out… Read More

10 Best Photos of NATURE from #CDEphotos2014

Not that we needed any convincing that our planet is absolutely beautiful, but DAAAANG, your #NATURE photo submissions were INCREDIBLE! Seems like everyday is earth day on semester (not that we're complaining!).The Carpe Diem Education photo contest, week 2 was a huge success. Whether the photos were (extreme) close-ups of animal noses, luscious greenery in various rainforests, or the gorgeous aqua blue waters of the sea, choosing a winner… Read More

10 Best Photos of PEOPLE from #CDEphotos2014

Sometimes you can forget where you went, how you got there, or what you did, but it is rare to forget the people you share such a powerful experience with. One of our core principles is community building, and it is a value we hope to instill in each and every one of our students.The Carpe Diem Education photo contest started strong with your PEOPLE photo submissions, which were a… Read More

#CDEphotos2014 Photo Contest

This week: Free for all!Calling all alumni! Ready to make every day a #TBT? Post your favorite photos from your Carpe Diem Education semester, and enter to win $50 gift card(s) to your store of choice!ELIGIBILITYWe love our alums! The 2014 Carpe Diem Education photo contest is open to ALL past Carpe Diem Education alumni.CONTEST ENTRY PERIODThe contest will run on a rolling basis from… Read More

The Nkula Adventure Begins!

Hello family and friends of Carpe Diem students. I’m Kylie and I’m our group’s first “blogger”! I’m writing from an awesome Internet cafe in Jinja, Uganda to update you all on our adventures. We began our trip with a laid back orientation in Entebbe. We split into groups for a scavenger hunt, ate authentic Ugandan cuisine, and even made friends with some locals. Most importantly, we got to know each… Read More

Hot ‘n’ Frazzled in India

Just now, I Googled the definition of “frazzled” and this is what I got. 1. completely exhausted. 2. cause to shrivel up with burning. These both perfectly apply to my experience of India so far. But besides the exhaustion at the end of each day, the oppressive heat, the wonderful food (which for once is finally too spicy for me sometimes), I have found some sort of indescribable beauty to… Read More