Hello friends and family,Sorry it’s taken so long to get our free travel blog out (which seems like forever ago now…) but it is finally here! After spending two magnificant days in Queenstown exploring the city and eating delicious Fergbergers and Fish &Chips;, the group decided to venture out on two different free travel options.Part of the group- MoMo and the minors (aka Simone, Samira, and Gabe)-decided to rent a… Read More

Mazol Tov from Marama

Hello Stalkers! Samira and Tate here reporting from Marama Farms! The group had mixed experiences in the city of Auckland. For most the time was spent exploring the city and even taking time to have a ride on a dolphin at the world famous Sky Tower. We learned lots of things like: Where to find delicious gelato, kebabs, and burgers. We learned that nothing good happens in a hostel bathroom… Read More

Moce Fiji, Hello Auckland

Greetings from Auckland,      We have just arrived in New Zealand after having a wonderful experience at our homestays in Togovere Village. We were wlecomed with a sevu sevu ceremony where we were offered kava and where we met our Nau’s (mothers) and the people of Togovere. The first night we got aquainted with our homestay families and went up the hill to watch an amazing sunset (which we did night… Read More

Bula From Fiji

Watch out Fiji, because here comes Carpe Diem. After what seemed like the endless days of traveling, we arrived in Nadi during the wee hours of the morning. While the lack of sleep was prevalent on the faces of all the group members, the Fiji sun rising over the mountaintops and the excitement of reaching our destination pushed us through our first day. The next morning Ben and Simone took… Read More

Walkabout FANZ Fall 2010!

Dear Walkabout Fall 2010 team: Ross, Hannah, Samira, Stephenie, Michael. R., Eric, Sam, Kellon, Michael C., Tate, and Gabe!Benny and Simone here welcoming you to your new and exciting blog!  We hope you have all been enjoying the last bits of summer and are ready to extend the sun and fun right into the South Pacific…woot woot.  We are here in Portland at the Carpe Diem headquarters getting all… Read More

The final blog…

Hey all, Was it really just a two weeks ago we were sweating buckets in the intense Port Douglas heat, and exploring a totally foreign underwater world? Seems so distant as all of a sudden it gets dark at 4:00 and we are surrounded by all this snow… How can one sum up such an incredible three months, the journeys we went on, the people we have encountered, the changes… Read More

Home Stretch!

It’s been a very busy two weeks! It began with the group being split into two different groups for our work with the CVA (Conservation Volunteers Australia): Group one consisted of Alana, Chris, Annie, and Lindsay. Group two was Tracy, Ryan, Sarah, and Zach. It was a surprise to us all, and it was really weird splitting up the group after having been together for so long! Alana, Chris, Annie… Read More
So, we’re currently sitting in what’s known as the “Big Love Cafe” here at the Chenrezig Institute. The meals are huge (and healthy…) and we love our motel style suites, which keep out the multiple species of highly poisonous everythings that live in Australia. We were all a little bleary-eyed upon our arrival, due to the highly comfortable all night train ride, but we were served a delicious pasta dish… Read More
We are currently in Sydney, after a fairly laid back week in Lyttelton. We did a few days of work for the department of conservation, clearing off a stone wall, which was completely hidden by trees and other plants. We also visited Kokoratata, where there was a group of boys and men aged eight to fifty. These men were at this establishment in order to become more connected with their… Read More


So, we are currently in Lyttleton, which is right outside of Christchurch. We have a nice kitchen and comfortable beds, which is awesome after two insane weeks of intense outdoor activity! To kick off our adventures, we went to the OPC, as was mentioned in the previous blog. The objective of OPC is to give students a chance to explore their leadership abilities and to push themselves outside of their… Read More
Hello again from the OZ trip. Well, the WOOF Farm is absolutely amazing, tough work, but very very fun. We have already been here for a week and in that week we have mostly been planting trees. In three days, we planted a total of 1200 trees. To plant the trees, we had to first use a grubber (pick axe) to dig a small hole maybe 5 inches deep and… Read More
We arrived in Aukland a few days ago, and it was a great recharge to be in a big city after Nananu. We had some relaxing time, did a little bit of shopping, ate a lot of food. We all bought clean clothes, which felt good after wearing the same dirty outfits for the first few weeks. Aukland is such a beautiful city. It was great just to walk around… Read More
We left the village of Nananu on September 28th (day 16). Little did we know we’d be leaving behind so much of our hearts. Nananu became a home away from home. We became a part of a community with inspiring family values and work ethic. Everyone in the village has a role and every plays their part without hesitation, without complaint. Together, they would support one another, look after the… Read More

Homestays in beautiful fiji!!!!!!!

Hey everyone, coming from Fiji its your group OZ!! What can i say, its pretty much amazing here! September 16th (day 4) we arrived at the home-stays. As soon as we got here everyone was smiling and waving! Being here is such a new wonderful experience. Theirs cows and horses running freely and every morning wake up to the sound of roosters! The meals are wonderful! Theirs breakfast, lunch, tea… Read More

We Have Arrived!

Bula! Day one, we arrived in Nadi, Fiji at 5:30 am. From there we took the road 2-hours northeast to Volivoli where we arrived at our backpackers resort. Along the road, we followed an abandoned railroad track. Cattle, horses, and dogs roaming freely alongside the taxi-van. We had orientation upon our arrival and got situated in our rooms overlooking the coast. After all the traveling and a brief introduction, we… Read More

The Team is Together

I just got a call from Drew and Karen, and their words were: “We have everyone! See you in Fiji!” Never before have I seen a team of leaders so complimentary, so capable as a team, and so incredibly happy to guide their team Down Unda’. There was actually no drama in the team’s union – it was a remarkably simple as everyone found their way to the Air Pacific… Read More

Welcome to our Blog

Hey Guys and Girls! This is our Oz’some blog site! For all of your friends and family who are at home, this is how they will live vicariously through you! We will update where we are, what we are doing, upload photos, and share any fun stories when we have Internet access. You will soon be responsible for keeping our blog site updated throughout your semester. Hopefully your packing is… Read More