And Further Reflections on Fiji :-)

Throughout this entire trip, we have met some incredible people – people that we will be lifelong friends with and stay in contact with forever, and people that have taught us so much about different cultures and ourselves. But in Fiji, we became family with an entire village.Back home, you can knock on your neighbor’s door and ask for sugar. Most likely, they would give it to you, and… Read More

Further Reflections on Fiji

When we were on our way to Fiji, I didn’t know exactly what our stay would be like. Really, the biggest thing I knew about Fiji was that they had tasty bottled water, which is like their standard bottled water here. I knew that it was tropical, and that it had sunny weather and rainforests, but that was about it. I wanted to know what Fiji was really about. What… Read More

Scuba on the Great Barrier Reef

I, along with many of my other peers, am now scuba certified! It was a four day process to get our certifications. One day was spent in the classroom watching videos and taking tests, the second in an enclosed pool to practice the skills that we were learning, and the third and fourth in the Great Barrier Reef! Beginning to learn and practice our skills in the pool was incredible.… Read More

The Walkabout Trail

We have spent our last few days at Sheoak Ridge. This is a beautiful reserve owned by a couple named Marcus and Claire. Both are biologists and spend their time working various jobs, gardening, rehabilitating wallabies, and taking care of their large property in the Daintree Rainforest. This Property has many kinds of ecosystems. It is a lot of work to keep this land in shape. So they put us to… Read More

Chenrezig Love

Last week, we got to experience life from a Buddhist perspective. Our group stayed at Chenrezig Institute, a center for Buddhist learning. We were hosted by a wonderful nun who oozed kindness and happiness at all times. Her name that she was given when she got ordained was Venerable Tsultrim, which means ethical rule. She aspired to live up to her name – and from the little that we saw of… Read More

In the Village of Nakuku

By Jenny Olea Hey everyone! It’s Jenny here, writing all the way from Australia. I would like to share my experience during the last couple of days in the village of Nakuku. On November 3rd, we went to visit the school Vuni Salusalu, where we got to meet a bunch of wonderful kids! Personally, I loved doing this because I really enjoy interacting with kids, getting to know them, and… Read More

Finding Family in Fiji

By Daisy O. Our time in Fiji from start to finish had to be two of the most amazing weeks of my life. From the moment that I stepped into Nakuku, my village now, I was in love. Everyone was tired and sick after being on the ferry for twelve hours, then bumping through back roads. No one felt good but as soon as we stepped into the hall we… Read More

Fiji: I Will Never Forget You

By Chandler On my way to Fiji, I didn’t really know what to expect. I hoped the people I would come across would be nice, and welcoming, and helpful. I hoped that my upcoming time in the village would be an amazing experience. I hoped all these things, but I really didn’t have any expectations. Little did I know, what was to come were life-changing moments and memories. In New Read More

North Island Updates

By David Bleecker The group’s spirits are high as we leave the North Island (Te Ika a Maui) of New Zealand, en route to the South Island (Te Wai Pounamu) via the Interislander ferry. Our last week was mostly spent trekking, caving, biking, and camping through National Park, a large area of protected wilderness in the heart of the North Island. Our five-day excursion was led by Blue Mountain Adventure… Read More

Respect and Gratitude

By Daisy Katelyn Osowski Last week we wrapped up our time with Tiaki at the marae in Whaingaroa and spent two nights with Rangimarie and Rob, a Maori/Native American couple that welcomed us into their home in Manu Wairua (means Bird Spirit). We got to participate in a Lakota sweat lodge ceremony and drum in a drum circle while singing traditional, and not so traditional, songs. Our time with Rangimarie, Read More

Maori Language and Cultural Immersion

By Overseas Educators Lolly Beck-Pancer and Eric Strickler Arriving at the marae, Tiaki, our host and guide for the week, Tawhai, his three-year-old son, and Matewai, our warm language and song teacher, welcomed us to the grounds. In accordance with tradition, we had to wait at the ceremonial gate to be called into the marae by one of the elders. During the week we frequently practiced te reo Maori, the… Read More

Walkabout Lands in New Zealand!

Dear Friends and FamiliesThe Walkabout crew is safe on the ground in New Zealand. They will move on to orientation over the next few days, exploring the lovely and relaxed surf town of Raglan. We are so excited for this crew, and hopeful that their travels will be filled with fun, adventure, laughter, and love.Walkabout Crew: The blog is now yours!Best Wishes,James… Read More

Walkabout Crew is Off to the South Pacific!

Greetings friends and familyJust a brief note to let you know that the Walkabout Crew has gathered in full force. All 12 students and their fearleass Overseas Educators have convened in L.A. and are now en route to the fabulous land of New Zealand!Thank you all for your support in making this journey possible. The group now embarks upon of 3 month journey of growth, insight, and adventure;… Read More

Kia Ora from Staff Training in Portland!

Kia Ora from staff training in Portland! A big welcome to the friends and families that will be following our journey over the coming months. We are brimming with anticipation to begin our journey around the South Pacific with you all in just a few short days! We have been getting excited over the course of reviewing itineraries, exploring maps, and connecting with local contacts in New Zealand, Fiji and… Read More

Kia Ora, Bula, and G’Day!

Emerging from the underground of the metro train station and into the heart of Sydney, a feeling of I’m sooo confused! washed over us all. The looming buildings that blocked the view of the night sky and bustling streets swarming with hurried people all seemed out of place. The weeks that proceeded this moment were ones of magic. We had spent twelve beautiful weeks learning and growing across the rustic… Read More