Celeste, Max, and Daisy’s Excellent Adventure!

By Daisy Shepherd

This is the Excellent Adventure’s very important blog post!

Some things in our first few days abroad:

1. We’ve heavily overpaid a rickshaw driver
2. Ate the spiciest food we’ve ever eaten in a side alley in Pahar Ganj (where this is being typed now!)
3. Visited Gandhi’s grave in Raj Ghat
4. Found the cutest puppies (and yes, parents, we washed our hands after petting them!)
5. Met some amazing people and made lifelong memories!

Nobody has yet needed those antibiotics you sent us with, and we’ve gone to bed at a decent hour. Maybe that stuff you say about screen time makes some sense!

We’re off to Varanasi on the night train tomorrow—many more memories to come!