Ciao Ciao For Now!

Written By Sheldon & Lauren

A funny thing happened after a north to south traverse of Italy (with a brief detour to Venice, almost), from “La Dotta, La Grassa, La Rossa” on the Emilia Romagna plains to the chestnut covered slopes of Tuscany, from the David to the Sassi, the overnight voyage with Greek and Albanian truckers across the wine dark sea, to Hellas, and Athens, and Kriti, and finally a little re-greened permaculture farmstead up above Akrata, this group of ragazzi capital toiled, and ate, and danced, and shoveled, and ate, and birthdayed, and “trekked”, and weeded, and wacked, and composted, and ate, and drummed, and shopped, and dreamed its way into a family.

Your OEs “Shlauren” would like to express our deep gratitude for the journey, for all the learning, and all the loving. May your Nutella jars be ever full, your vintage clothes be ever discounted, and may your joyful tears flow like a Pelopennesian spring. Bravo, Terra, you will be long remembered.