This will be my first post on the group blog! Hello everyone! We are all so sorry for not being able to keep the blog updated so far. The internet access in Fort Portal was very sketchy and most of us didnt even get much of a chance to check our personal emails. Thank you Backpackers Hostel in Kampala for having GREAT internet connection! 😀

Africa is incredible. I really can’t think of any words to describe it! I’ve only been here two weeks and have grown so much already! I can only imagine what I will be like 2 months from now.

The first week was really hard for me. I had some homesickness issues that were really getting to me. But after a very helpful phone conversation with my dad and tons of support from the leaders and whole group, I have been feeling SO much better. Every person in this group is so wonderful and has been helpful and encouraging to me in every way. I want to send a huge thank you to my family as well who have been sending me the most enlightening emails. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

In Fort Portal I was in the group that built the cow shed at the Mana Rescue Home for children with AIDS/HIV. What an experience! At times it was quite hard physical work. But we were blessed with amazing woman providing us scruptious lunches and loads of adorable children who loved to love and be loved in return. It was quite touching to spend time with these kids. They always had huge smiles spread across their faces and never stopped giggling and playing. How inspirational!

We are now in Kampala resting up before our rafting trip and next service project in Jinja. I am SOOO EXCITED for rafting on the Nile! It’s going to be incredible!

To Mom, Dad, Giselle, Grandma Pat, Grandma Maureen, Cameron, and everyone who has been so loving and supportive…I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

God Bless,