Coda: Bear & Wolf

By Bear and Wolf

Bear & Wolf were friends. Bear preferred blueberries, Wolf had a proclivity for meats and they both liked falafel.* Bear was powerfully strong and Wolf was built for speed. Although Wolf roamed the Northeast and Bear denned in the South, both found themselves in a coffee shop in Portland late one summer afternoon in August.

Both agreed that Portland was most peculiar.

To wit: they observed a child dancing around making odd hand gestures around her face with her hands.

Wolf remarked, “What is that child doing? I think I want a snack.”

To which, Bear replied, “I believe she thinks she’s a rhinoceros.”

“What’s a rhinoceros?,” asked Wolf.

“A rhinoceros is a prehistoric beast that lives in Africa. It’s like a huge pig with face horns that can run really fast. Sadly, they are nearly extinct,” answered Bear.

“Sounds delicious,” said Wolf.

“You’re ridiculous,” Bear told Wolf.

“What’s up with Africa?,” mused Wolf.

“Good question. No one really knows, or cares to know. It’s from whence humanity emerged and some of the most incredible animals evolved,” explained Bear.

“Do you think if we start to understand Africa, we might understand ourselves slightly more and our place in the world a bit better?,” questioned Wolf.

Bear looked quizzically at Wolf and said, “When did you get all deep?”

Wolf bit Bear with a playful grip.

“Okay, looks like we’re going to Africa,” responded Bear.

“We’ll need a team,” added Wolf.

“For sure,” agreed Bear.

“We’ll call ourselves, Nkula,” she added.