Crazy Amazing

Hello and welcome to the cool side of the blog,
I am Valiant Val and I will be your host today as we follow the adventures of one group of young adults as they find them selves in the middle of the Arctic!!!

No wait that’s not right…. oh yes Africa!

Now now settle down, I know you are jealous of them I mean so am I, I can not lie. But they have had some crazy adventures.

The group had a lovely week at a relaxing place called Ohana Amani, it was so peaceful and nice they almost forgot that the world is not all like that…. almost.

The group gets up at the crack of dawn… or more like the crack of the whip as thy have to hustle to get their dala dala to take the to the bus station. Did I mention they had to wake up at four forty five hmmm? I think not! Anywho moving on.

Well the group gets to the bus station at the knick of time where they are to catch their bus at six thirty, ah little did they know the bus actually left at six, what a drag. But! They are strong and fight back and eventually get a bus that will take them the long twelve hours to Dar es Salaam.
Well looks like they will get there on time after all hmmm?
They got nice seats in the back of the bus, yes the back so every time the bus hit a bump they hit their heads on the bus yay! Hey Don’t give me that look I don’t know the pain I wasn’t there!

They stop for a lunch/bathroom Break as they excitedly share what they saw among each other. Now the stop was only to be about twenty minutes and then they was supposed to head back on the road. That would have happened if they did not spend an extra ten minutes fixing something under the bus. Dun Dun Dun!

Hey I mean there is no real suspense if you read the other blogs before hand, but don’t get Short with me Frodo, I’m just doing my job!

Ahem, moving on. The gang gets all situated and comfortable on the the bus as they still have many more hours to go. They are either listening to music staring out the window or sleeping when suddenly… Valencio chokes on his spit.

haha got you!

Nah the bus broke down, Valencio was the first person to think and actually jump out. Next to follow suit was Nora who was asleep and did not even know was was really going on. Well the rest of the group got out safely.

The gang got picked up by another bus of the same company.
They had to stand for about eight hours in that bus before they actually made it to Dar.

When they got to Dar they got about two hours to eat and wash up before going to the airport at two in the morning. I mean talk about fast moving eh? Am I right? huh am I?

It all goes smoothly from then on out when they finally reach Rwanda at about nine they are nothing but zombies with luggage, yeah not your typical zombies I know…

In Rwanda they get to learn all about the horrible history and wonderful improvements the country has gone through since then. I will not go in depth since that is not in my job description. After they visit coffee classes and coffee farms and many cafes they must leave the wonderful country of Rwanda. There they will got on a three day trek and experience more wild life.

Who knows
Will the group grow so strong they will become super heroes?
Will their leader Simon become the most famous Medicine Man of the country?
Will Nora become the queen of the thousands of birds that live at the lake they are canoeing on?
Will Valencio run off and join a group of mountain Gorillas and become their king and take over the world?
Find out next week on the cool side of the blog. Once again this is your host Valiant Val logging off. I bid you a Good Day.