So now that the majority of us are certified Thai Massage therapists and Basic Healing practitioners, not to mention professional musicians, we have the time and energy to greet the Dali Lama as he pulls into his Temple after long travels. He has returned to his home in India! We are very fortunate to be here during the time of his presence although speeches will only begin after our departure.

McLeod Ganj is a holy holy place; filled with many opportunities to develop skills in massage, mediation, music, cooking, and other Tibetan + Indian trades. Heather and Mychal are now certified in Basic Full Body Thai Massage, Ashley and Sofia are now Basic healing and meditation practitioners (meaning they can scan, clean, and energize the Chakras in the body), Will has been studying more Sitar, Jack some cooking and music lessions, and Adam trekking high into the gorgeous mountains surrounding us at all times. We have also been studying yoga with a firm man with the skinnest legs and the shortest shorts to compliment them, whose name is Vijay. Hawks fly by during our roof top sessions as they try and gain height on the majestic mountains.

How could I forget to mention!! We have been living with Tibetan families and experiencing first hand the lifes of the Tibetan people in exile. We all seem to really be enjoying our stay with such compassionate people and the MOUNDS of delicious Tibetan food we recieve daily. All of our families are completely different; some with many brothers and sisters and others with only a amla (mother). It’s been a rewarding experience thusfar, and tonight we give thanks to our familes for welcoming us into their homes as we praise them in Tibetan tradition; placing a symbolic white scarf over their heads and exchanging gifts.

Tomorrow marks the start of free travel, where us students take the reins and put our travel knowledge to the test. We meet our bus in Dharmsala around 5pm tomorrow and head towards Rishikesh, where we hit the ganges for some rafting and settle into our Ashram living. With a little less then some blessings to offer more, I leave you with the feeling of our contentment and well learned trades and experiences here in MC Ganj.

Shanti bihar!