Fascinating Conversations in Delhi

By Charlie, Sabrina, and Atticus

Hello from Delhi,

This is the Rainbow Hippy Surprise group typing from Wahid’s office. We have spent the last week traveling around Delhi, visiting the Baha’i Temple, Akshardham Temple, India Gate Hamuyum Tomb, the Red Fort, Jama Mosque, Raj Ghat, Qutab Minar, and Toilet Museum. (Please note: everything typed after “Akshardham Temple” was Amir—we’ve only been to Raj Ghat, Baha’i Temple, and Akshardam Temple so far).

Today we started our scavenger hunt at Raj Ghat and it’s been a hilarious adventure since then. We’ve made quite a few friends, and Wahid and his friend in this office are very funny. Tomorrow night we will take the train to Varanasi!

We have already had very complex and fascinating conversations, mostly discussing our experiences so far and our culture shock.

The people here have been so kind; always curious about Americans and what we are like. Also, our sites we have visited have been extremely beautiful, very intricate, and unique to the culture/religions. Sadly, we have to go catch a rickshaw and head back to the Raj Ghat.

Much love!