Dingo Den & Sydney

By Kathleen

Hi everyone!

Our week started out on our last day at our hostel in Katoomba. Our time in Katoomba was spent doing orientation activities while also going on hikes and exploring our surroundings. After Katoomba, we went a few towns over to Penrith to settle in before starting our volunteer work at a dingo sanctuary the next day. We showed up to the dingo sanctuary the very next morning and found the dingos waiting on us at the door. They were different than I think most of us thought they would be. Much more docile and skittish. There is a certain preconceived notion that the dingos are aggressive creatures. We can now say, after spending three days hanging out with them, that this is absolutely not true. They were nothing but loving and affectionate to anyone willing to spend a few minutes getting to know them. After a few days of mulching and losing fights against stubborn tree branches, we completed our projects around the property. We are now in Sydney for two nights before flying to Ayers Rock in the Outback. So far in Sydney, we have seen the usual attractions such as the Sydney harbor and the Opera House. The first day here in Sydney was spent at the famous Bondi Beach. We walked along the cliffs and got a beautiful view of the ocean. Only a brave few managed to get into the icy water that day and the rest soaked up the sun on the white sand beach. The next day was a free day spent wandering around Sydney, seeing the Opera house, the bridge, the botanical gardens, and more.

Next stop: Uluru and the Outback!!!