Eager to Explore!

Hello from Phnom Pehn!!

Yes, after some rough spots in the journey, we are safe and sound in Phnom Penh. The students are on a scavenger hunt as a means to explore the city and get a bit more comfortable with their environment. We are well rested and energized! Tomorrow we will go to The Killing Fields and S21, both historical sights of the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge. We have already heard a very personal account of one man’s experience and losses during this time….so much sadness, yet so much hope as the country moves forward. The country’s population is very young, as can be seen in the countless teenagers cruising down the streets on their scooters, sometimes piled 3 and 4 per bike. Don’t worry…the group will not be riding scooters or mopeds!!

That is all for now…the students will be blogging from here on out…expect to hear from us in a few days.

We hope everyone is healthy and happy….we are!
James and Dawn