This is the end, my sweetest friend

IMG_5342How can we begin to describe this journey? Challenging, wonderful, hard, beautiful, it is a weighty task to try and put the past three months into words that can possibly convey its different shapes and forms. Our group has changed and shifted throughout these three months, and every single student has created their path and growth in many different ways. As we hugged our dear friends Carly and Anna goodbye, and began our drive back up to the Daintree to decompress, we reflected on tour journey and the many wonderful people who crossed our path along the way, and the many different chapters of this epic adventure. We thought of the farewells. We thought of the tears and the frustration. But mostly we laughed. We recounted our nights under the stars in the outback, or eating bizarre fruits in the Daintree. We laughed about the conversations and jokes, the feasts, and triumphs. We recounted the difficult days of work, and the arduous treks across these three countries together. We thanked every member of this group, our contacts and our friends. We thought of Carly and Anna, our two warriors, who battled through this odyssey and came out the other side as two strong incredible women. It was hard learning, and there were a great number of challenges, but mostly we remember the laughs. Thank you to everyone who made this semester the adventure that it was. We shall remember it always. And Anna and Carly, if you are ready this, know how proud we are of you two. you are amazing and we are so grateful that our paths crossed, and that we got to share this journey with you. We will end in the most appropriate way we know, and that is to drop our final four official hashtag #50catsofperth and that “we didn’t just like it!!!!”

Much love,

Avi and Nina