Experiences In Ait Ourir

Howdy Folks,

It’s Yung Perz on this beat (Omid). We’ve made some serious political gains out here in the streets of Ait Ourir. From shaking hands with the pacha (senator) and discussing the issues with our president’s economic/foreign policy to meeting with the Vice President of the city council and discussing Moroccan public health issues, it’s fair to say we are striving to prosper in Morocco. All jokes aside: We were truly given a great opportunity in our home-stays to see how everyday Moroccan families live, while also being able to experience traditional Moroccan cuisine that can’t be found in restaurants. We were also given the opportunity to take part in the local Bauchi ball tournament and as it turns out we are all professionals. Thanks to the Bridge center and our Moroccan counterparts, the group discovered that they have more in common with the local youth than they had thought. Although the small city of Ait Ourir may not look like much at first glance, it had a lot to offer. The experiences we had we last us a lifetime.

In other news, the group had been hit by a stomach bug and many were affected, but no need to worry parents! Much like the Cleveland Cavaliers in game five, we have fully recovered and are ready for our trek in the Atlas Mountains.

Salaam crew