Exploring the Medina of Tetouan: A Photo Story

By Emily Bates

Yesterday, after Arabic studies, we went on a guided tour of the Medina of Tetouan, a labyrinth of residences, markets, and religious sites situated within the old city walls.

The architecture of the medina has strong Andalusian influence, as it was built by refugees from the Reconquista.

A shop in the medina.

After walking through the portion of the medina where sheep skin is cured and dyed, this view made the horrible smell worth it.

Many workshops can be found throughout the medina; we were fascinated by the skill required to create such intricate wood carvings like this one.

Our guide, Tafiq, guides us through a tunnel-like street in the medina.

We wove through the seemingly endless paths in the medina, eventually coming to this entrance to the Great Mosque; the door is green, the color indicative of religious sites in the medina. Alternatively, brown doors lead to residences. From outside of the medina, the mosque’s minaret rises above the surrounding rooftops.