Farewell, Sweet India

Yes, tis official….Grupo Shanti is no longer on Indian soil, having departed late last night en route to San Francisco (well, actually, Ian has the great fortune of heading to Paris!). From San Fran, they’ll say farewell and travel to their own destinations, to families and friends eagerly awaiting their arrival and the many stories to be heard. Welcome home, Shanti!

Three months of travel in India can hardly be described in words. The experiences that we’ve had will become a part of who we are. Whether the insights, realizations, and lessons learned will be immediate, or grow with time, may they ultimately manifest as deeper connections with ourselves, our loved ones, and the world in which we live. May experience become wisdom.

Our comfort zones have been pushed. Large amounts of street food has been eaten and thoroughly enjoyed. Chai flows through our veins. Rickshaws, overnight trains, ponies named Chester, and camels have been ridden. Amoebic battles have been fought (and hopefully won). “Cecilia” has been sung. A lot.

Dinah, Angie, Ian, Jane, Hannah, Allison, Jaimie: May each of you continue the path of discovery in your own way, and find great love and joy in the unfolding of the gift of life. Truly, we wish you the absolute best of everything that life has to offer and that you follow your passions and dreams! Health and happiness to each of you


James and Natalie