Final blog

To Our Dear Quetzal Queens,

Another day has dawned and the sun is shining once more on the glittering ocean. Coffee has been consumed, balingas — ahem, excuse me, baleadas — have been eaten, and all is well here in Roatan…. But it’s not the same without you! As great as this little golden island in the Caribbean is, it’s safe to say: WE MISS YOU!

By now, you are all back in the crisp cold air of wintertime with your family and friends (well, Chlobra, you’ll be there soon enough)! I hope you’ve been basking the glory of relaxing at home, the familiar sounds of Christmas music drifting through the air, and maybe some good Greek yogurt or an Açai bowl. While returning home after a voyage of epic proportions such as ours can be a little discombobulating in itself, leaving you wishing for a good ol’ comfort plate of gallo pinto and perhaps a long chicken bus ride to mull it over, you can take comfort in the fact that YOU DID IT! You successfully completed this amazing adventure, and along the way you made a new family, spoke a new language, navigated the transportation systems of four countries, lived on a volcano in a lake, became a fish in Honduras, and so much more. Be proud of yourselves, Queztal Queens, because you have completed the beautiful yet challenging road of this adventure, though the road was sometimes curvy, bumpy and unpaved, and arrived on the other side as the seasoned, skilled global travelers that you now are. Congratulations!!

So for now, we’ll sign off with “hasta luego!” as we’re sure we’ll be seeing you at some point in the future whether stateside or in some far-flung future adventure! Keep in touch, send us messages, and if you ever have any questions, need a letter of recommendation, etc, we’re still here for you. You guys have been the very best CAMily we could have asked for. Love y’all!

Until the next time,
Bria and Kevin