Final “Official” Post


Well we’ve come to that point when the students wrap up their trip, they fly home, and the leaders regain a sense of what it’s like to exist without a troupe of amazing friends/students to hang with. ~Sigh~

The trip has ended and we’ve all sat back I’m sure to recall the last leg of the trip:

What a fantastic way to end Australia. We flew from Adelaide to Cairns to be greeted by the warm sticky sun that was appropriate for the Tropical North and state of Queensland.  After a quick settling in we started our SCUBA the next day and after a fun filled two days of classroom and pool work we were ready!

Boarded a boat to Fitzroy Islands, as swanky a place as I’ve ever been too!!!. The Island is situated in the Great Barrier Reef and we literally would be diving off the island to preform our tasks and check them off getting closer and closer to our certification. (Okay, taking your mask off at 10m does require a bit of zen mindfulness to keep breathing! through the mouth and never mind that the nose is submerged…!!!)

We all had a blast and were certified and even saw sea turtles and Nemo in the process.

It was  a quick trip back to the mainland (main island?!) to begin the packing process back to the USA.  We all had a FABULOUS last dinner and closing ceremony and after a 3am wake-up the next day the students were back on the plane to the United States… after what seemed like sec and a half of a trip!  Seriously, was it really 3 months long?!  There is truth in the saying “Time flies when your having fun.” Especially with such an amazing, spontaneous, collective, thoughtful, talented, interesting, fun-loving, and all around amazing group of peeps…. yo, gonna miss ya fools!


Signing off for the “official” last time…

“Change is certain. Peace is followed by disturbances; departure of evil men by their return. Such recurrences should not constitute occasions for sadness but realities for awareness, so that one may be happy in the interim.”   -Percy Shelley


( here is a smattering of shots from the trip)


Burger and Rachel kayaking in Abel Tasmen National Park, New Zealand
Jessica at the Blue Mountains, AU
Jessica with her new best best friend.
Happiest looking frog you will ever see!
Sunset on Brisy River

The group at the leftover Inland Australian ocean

Sunset with our back to Uluru
Sunrise at Uluru

Ahhh, crazy monster that walks around Uluru at 5am!! Blah!
The group at the leftover Inland Australian ocean
Alligator Gorge
The League!


Going Diving!


Carly and Jessica, Diving Buddies!


Dapper Hank and Will!

Last Hurrah!