First Week on Finca Bona Fide

After 2 bus rides, a taxi ride, a ferry, and a van ride, the group successfully left Matagulpa, and arrived at the Bona Fide permaculture farm on the island of Omatepe, located in Lake Nicaragua. We’ve spent the past week getting up bright and early, and tasking ourselves with a variety of jobs such as hauling firewood and rice husks, weeding the gardens, and trailblazing with machetes. We’ve adjusted to farm life by entertaining ourselves with activities like scorpion eating, tarantula hunting, and hair dying.
This weekend, half of the group took on an eight hour hike to summit the very muddy Volcano Maderas, and picnic by a crater lake on top. The other half of the group made their way to Santo Domingo beach. The beach was nice and all, but the real enjoyment came from the surplus of food that was consumed at multiple beachside restaurants. The food on the farm is delicious and wholesome, but we all thouroughly enjoyed getting treated to dinner in town last night. In our free time, we’ve we’ve been decompressing from the farm labor with yoga, reading, jam sessions, and playing with the 2 10-week-old puppies here. We’re looking forward to one more week full of scorpions and machetes!

Talk to you next week,
Casey and Carson