Five Day Forecast

Karibu, and greetings from Tanzania! My friend Aydan and I are currently sitting in an internet cafe in downtown Morogoro. We took a stroll around the city, browsed shops, and finally found a place to settle down and write about our experiences during these past five days. Personally, yesterday was the most amazing day for me so far on this journey. Aydan agrees. We climbed halfway up a mountain in search of a mysterious waterfall…and luckily stumbled across two local boys who led us the rest of the way to the coolest part of the water. We had so much fun! All nine of us were hanging out in the water with local peers, and it was a very special experience. The water was freezing cold, but brave little Nora decided to do as the locals were doing, and she jumped in! All of us soon followed in her footsteps, and the rush of cool water was an amazing relief after our long, sweaty hike. Before we left their village, we had a little dance party, and my moves were all the rage. I showed them how to do the “stanky leg”, and they showed me some dances of their own. Valencio had his time to shine by beating on the drum and making a sick beat for everyone to jam to. We all agreed that the experience we had at the waterfall was more than worth the long hike we had to endure. Camila and Rory attempted to swing on a vine at The Rock Garden, where we also saw lots of adorable monkeys, cats, and dogs! So far it’s been a huge learning experience, and we all became friends so quickly. Love to you all, and we’ll write again soon!