Flores Adventures

By Sarah and Madeleine

Howdy from your southern belles, Sarah and Madeleine!

We arrived in Flores Wednesday and met our contact Deiter who gave us some introductory information about Flores and the week ahead, then had free time. Some of us swam across the lake while others enjoyed immersing themselves in local culture by eating at Pollo Campero. On Thursday we toured the Yaxha ruins and camped overnight in tents. The next morning we packed up and headed back to Flores where we had another day of free time which we spent outside enjoying the sun. Saturday morning we moved in with our host families, ate lunch and spent the rest of the night getting settled in. Monday morning we started our third week of Spanish classes. Throughout the week we spent the afternoons shopping at the MegaPaca, going to the movies and swimming in the lake. We learned a lot while also spending time with our host families and exploring the island. Although the week started off with a few foot injuries we were able to walk it off.

Howdy and good thank you. (a traditional Kentucky/Virginia send-off!)

Your southern belles.

The guys exploring the ruins.

Looking up at the howler monkeys.

View from the homestay in San Miguel.