Free Travel with the Rhinos! Last Volunteer project!

Our last minute Free Travel was a complete success! We had an amazing four days at the Rhino Sanctuary. We all came together really well to work out the tight budget to be able to volunteer at such an incredible organization. We spent a lot of time going out on foot with the rangers to monitor the different groups of rhinos. We were able to get as close as ten feet away sometimes. One evening while we were all sitting down for dinner two rhinos, Obama and Augustu, strolled up to graze right next to us on the other side of a very small wall. They were completely nonchalant as we immediately ran up to stare and take as many pictures as possible. We volunteered with the primary school in the area for one afternoon, and spent other days helping with maintenance around the park, including removing invasive plants, cutting branches and fence supervision. All in all it was a fun and rewarding week, we all learned a lot about conservation efforts and these amazing animals.  We are off today to our last volunteer project, working with a special needs school. After this project we go straight into our canoe trek where we will be out of contact until November 30th. We will be cooking as a group for the next week, including the extensive menu we have planned for Thanksgiving! We have a lot of improvising to do, including substituting chicken for turkey, but we are excited. We are all thinking of our families today, and hope everyone at home has a wonderful holiday!