From Kampala…

Greetings from Kampala!

After a few unforeseen events, the group decided to spend some extra nights in Kigali, Rwanda. This extended stay, however uexpected, allowed us more time to explore the city. We were pleasantly surprised by Kigali’s immense cleanliness and modernity, which made us feel quite safe and welcome. We treated ourselves to coffee, Rwanda’s specialty, and even checked out the local arts scene.

Now, after a long bus ride, we are happy to  ourselves in Kampala, Uganda! We had an awesome first night at the Kampala Backpackers Hostel, where we relaxed with card games and laughter. This hostel, full of other backpackers and travelers alike, provides a comfortable and friendly environment for us before we head off for our next volunteer project on Thursday night. Today, during our only full day in Kampala, we will be city slickers, enjoying the local foods and checking out the Bahai faith temple located in the heart of the city. There are only six other Bahai Temples in the world, so we are thrilled to have the opportunity to see this religious treasure.

Our future plans are bright, as some of us wil be participating in the optional White Water Rafting Trip on the Nile tomorrow! We are looking forward to a fun-filled day of pulsing rapids and warm sun. That evening, we will jump right into our volunteer project with Soft Power Education, an NGO focusing on primary school education in the Jinga district. We will be staying on site for six days, putting our artistic talents to work painting one of their school buildings. We can’t wait to help out witht this wonderful organization. Afterwards, we begin our week of student-run free travel. Though it is still in the planning stages, we hope to go on some day hikes to a beautiful waterfall, and we might even have the opportunity to go chimp trekking!

We are so excited for all that is to come in the next couple of weeks! We are savouring each and every minute of our trip here in East Africa, as time has definitely been flying by. We will update you soon!