Gettin Shanti in the Daintree

Jacob Monkarsh

What’s good peoples?! We’re out here at the Prema Shanti yoga and meditation retreat having a really good time. For the past five mornings, we have been waking up at 7am for 30 minutes of meditation before breakfast. We then have free time until 11am, when we participate in Seva (selfless-service for the retreat center) followed by enjoying some deliciously cooked lunches.

We then head out for a beach, crocodile adventure, or just a nice hike in the afternoons. In the evening we are given a Dharma talk by one of the yogis, Janardhan, followed by an hour of intense but awesome yoga with Mara. Wrapping up the nights have been some incredible life stories from members of the group and good conversation, all until 9:30 when we go into silence until the next morning after our meditation. It’s been a great time of relaxation and self-meditation for the group. We have really enjoyed our time here. We’ve been finding things out about ourselves, as well as the others in our group while having an incredibly peaceful experience. Gonna miss this time, but super stoked for what’s to come on the end of our Australia leg and in Fiji and New Zealand as well. That’s all for now.