Greetings from down under


Gooday guys and gals, it's been one month tomorrow since I've been living in Bunbury, Western Australia and so far so good. I love it here Bunbury is a quiet little town bordered on two sides by the magnificent Indian ocean which has crystal clear and warm water the one catch is It's loaded with sharks! While I'm down here I have the pleausre of working at the Dolphin Discovery Centre, one of the best places to interact with wild dolphins in Australia and perhaps the world. I spend my days there helping the researchers collect data, feeding the marine life we have in aquariums , educating the public on the importance of marine ecosystem and conservation, and taking people out to swim with the dolphins. As well as doing random whatever needs doing around the centre, so I keep pretty busy when Im there. When im not at work I spend my time at the beach, go skate around town, or go check different stuff out, I still haven't seen everything yet. I highly recommend the DDC to any future latitudes student interested in marine biology or that just have a love the the oceans and the creatures that inhabit them.