Greetings From The Other Side

Written By OEs, Bria & Dave

May your airplane food always be as good as Air New Zealand’s.

Greetings from the Other Side!

Here we are, writing the final dispatch from Bilbo Bloggins, as we look out over the nearby cloud-capped peak of Mt. Doom. Here at the One Bean to Rule Them All Cafe, the guy at the table next to me sports a familiarly flowing white beard, and the guy in line had hairy bare feet… but that might just have been Joe.

Just kidding! (Sorry, Thomas!)

We’re actually at the ocean, on a cloudy fall day on the Coromandel Peninsula, our “private beach” stretching out to the calm blue waters. It’s arguably the 9th most beautiful beach in the world.

9th most beautiful beach in the world.

By now, you all are home, sharing stories of milking cows with farmer Greg and of kava-loving nanas to your friends and family, who may be staring at you boggle-eyed as you attempt to teach them the joys of Pukana. We hope you are all happily enjoying the good things home has to offer, from salad bar runs at Wholefoods to Sportscenter updates. As for me, I found a Countdown with over-priced packs of La Croix and have been contentedly crushing several lime flavored La Croixs per day. All is well in the world.

While our three month whirlwind together is now over, we hope you all have endless memories and lessons that you’ll look back on fondly, and that you’ll take with you to your next chapter in life.

If you ever want to reach out, remember that we are here, virtually neighbors over the good old internet. And if you’re ever passing through Colorado and want to go on a little adventure, you all have a standing invitation to come reminisce about long Hongis with Joe and Rob, sweat lodges, and overly friendly wallabies while we go tramping in the Rocky Mountains.

Til then, may your chilly bins remain cold, your dacks be free of nuggets, and your next adventures be sweet as.

Much love from your former OEs,