Group Scavenger Hunt: Part III

Week One:

We landed in Quito three days ago. Now, we started off pretty slow due to the intense travel. But the first day we were able to get to know each other decently well. After we checked into our hostel we got to go eat at the local market, where we tested our Spanish knowledge by ordering lunch. Day two was much more active; we started the day with a delicious breakfast cooked by the lovely chefs at the hostel. We then went to the park where we were able to continue orientation and getting to know everybody on this incredible adventure. After a short lunch and soccer break, we visited an amazing gorgeous cathedral near the hostel. The journey back to the hostel lead us to a quick siesta and then a fantastic chicken and mushrooom dinner followed up by hilarious games later that night. Today nearly everybody participated in morning yoga, while some enjoyed a cup of coffee while looking at the view. Now we are all involved in an intense three team scavenger hunt.