Happy time, all time, long time


After four glorious days of camping with Carpe family (and two good cleanings), Jeremy and Audrey hit the streets of Portland for exploration, scavenger hunt madness, and conspirings of a beautiful India adventure to be. The adventure began with coffee at Anna Bananas coffee shop. Once (de)caffeinated Jeremy and Audrey enjoyed delicious Thai food and tasty ice cream, they biked all around sharing stories and enjoying the sights and sounds of Portland. They ended their adventure at Mocks Crest to watch the sunset and celebrate Jeremy’s birthday. The day was filled with laughter, yummy food, sunshine, and so much excitement for their upcoming trip. And now the most epic scavenger hunt haiku ever created: Through the thick and thin Happy time, all time, long time We will persevere Stay tuned for more genius and inspiration as the soon-to-be super Shiva octet join adventurous spirits and courageous hearts!!

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