Hello from Baños

Hello friends, families, and loved-ones,
This week we have been living in the beautiful city of Baños! The city is surrounded by mountains and a semi-active volcano. PLEASE NOTE: semi-active means that you cannot go all the way to the top because the volcano can spit out small amounts of lava at times but it is not a threat to us nor does this happen often. That said, some people say that the volcano was a little active a few days ago meaning that we felt a little shake. Parents please do not worry, it isn´t a threat. Anywho, we have been taking classes at Raises Spanish School, sight seeing, hiking, teaching, and eating delicious and not so delicous food!
OUR SCHEDULE (roughly):
9:00am- 1:00pm Spanish classes (alone or with one other student)
1:00-2:30 return to our homestays, eat, walk back to the school, and anything esle you can fit into this time frame.
2:30-5:00pm Carrie, Tom, Tim, Kate, Peter, Jack, Kelly, and Colin taught english classes in pairs of two to groups of 8 students. Ashley, Logan, Martha, and Aiden worked at a fondation for children without homes called niños de la calle.
Afterwards, we where allowed to do cool safe stuff in Baños and ate dinner with our host families!

More to come soon from Baños!