Here we go

This is the first blog of many but the only one by me… We arrived at the spanish school on Sunday and it was amazing!! The first thing that we all noticed was all the amazing scenery and all the green. Coming from the city with all the noise to just nothing but silence for the most part. The only exceptions are all the dogs and roosters that constanly keep people up and awake people through out the night.

Starting off the week though we all went off to our respected jobs which included mostly playing with kids and helping in the schools to helping plant in the gardens. We all learned to love the kids even though some some of us could not really communicate with them. Mostly just me because I would say over half of us could already speak spanish very well. After the three hours of our morning activities it was off to about 5 hours of spanish class about everyday, which most of us struggled with but it was well worth the pain in order to gain the knowledge to be able to talk to the locals.
More to come about this week its just im out of time so sorry… maybe during mid week…

Thanks for reading