Hey yallll! Time has sure flown by. We;re in Roatan Honduaras! We landed safely from Costa Rica and was greeted by the BEAUTIFUL clear blue water. We were all stoked to go scuba diving and to swim with our new blue tangs and sea turtle friends! For most people it was our first time scuba diving. Although we had many mixed feeling about it at first, we all faced our fears and emotions! Besides having scuba diving lessons for most of the day, its just been really nice to hang out with each others before leaving in a day. Im sure we will miss each others and will keep these memories forever. This journey has tested all of our limits in many ways and we will come back with faced fears. What a journey it has been these past 3 months! Now were relaxing and cherishing our last moments together at our last family dinner in front of the beautiful sunset of Roatan. Thats a wrap. We cant wait to see our loved ones and will for sure miss the drug rug,banana obsessed and fried chicken family we have created. Wishing everyone a safe flight and ease back into their routine.

Much Love,
Hanie aka Janie Do