Hongi Scavenger Hunt Check-ins

Rasheed and I are writing from an internet cafe in Sigatoka whilst on a scavenger hunt exploring the city. Our group has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other in our own mini paradise at the Tubakula Beach Bungalows as well as doing orientation and getting excited for the next three months. We have got to go check off the rest of our list, but all is well from the Hongi South Pacific group!

Lottie and Rasheed

This is Noah contacting you from an internet cafe in Sigatoka, along with Alec. The group as a whole has enjoyed getting to know each other in our first few days together. We’ve been fortunate to have decent weather, although it also has been raining quite a bit. The lodge we are staying at is fantastic, but the materials provided for cooking have not been ideal. We are all enjoying our stay in Fiji so far.


Noah and Alec 😛

Bula and Hello!

This is the best scavenger hunt group coming at you from an internet cafe in Sigatoka. We are currently leading the scavenger hunt but there is no surprise there. The weather here thus far has been amazing and everything is stunning. We have had some pretty great group made meals and had some fun orientation activities as well as jam sessions. Inside jokes are already under way and we cannot wait to see what comes of this group. Time to get back to winning!!

If the pasta sticks,
Jackson and Trish

Bula from Sigatoka, Fiji!

This is Hunter and Sierra coming at you live from our first encounter at an internet cafe! Fiji has been a pleasant experience and all the locals here treat us very nicely. It’s been so fun getting to know everybody in the group; we’re really bonding well. We’ve spent the past few days at our accommodation at the Tubakula Bungalows where we’ve been having orientation between swims at the beach. We’ve seen a ton of cool sea animals like blue star fish, eels, and a sea cucumber?? We’ve been learning a lot about group dynamics as well as setting up an appreciative, healthy cohort culture.

On our first day in town, we picked up groceries from the supermarket as well as from a nearby street market. We’ve cooked all meals at the bungalows, and so far all the food has been delicious and mostly edible!

Soon we head out for our home-stay in a village on another Fijian island!

Thanks for tuning in! Until next time,
Sierra & Hunter

It’s Toren and Sophie here! Were kicking butt at this scavenger hunt and are ready for the rest of this adventure! We are having an amazing time at the Tubakula Bungalows and are both super excited for the homestay. Inside jokes have already begun and our nightly jam sessions are some of the best times yet. We’ll keep you updated!