Inti Group Check-ins

Squinting into the sunlight in Itchimbia Park, Quito. Day 1 of orientation in Ecuador was full of sunlight and warmth.
After a long, steep stair climb, the view was worth it! Overlooking the city of Quito, Ecuador.
Hanging out in the hostel after an afternoon of exploring Quito.
Saffron, Mira, and Daniel work together to navigate the streets of Quito and help the group find their way to lunch at the Central Market.

My time in Quito so far has been very interesting thus far. I love observing the architecture and the local’s behavior. I think we’ve all learned a lot everyday we’ve been here. This includes a lot about ourselves, the members of our group, and the city and culture here in Quito. My habits have really changed since we’ve been here. This includes what I do in the morning, what I’ve been eating, and how aware I’ve been of my surroundings.

When I first arrived, the bus ride towards the hostel gave me a great drive by of the city, and yet it was like coming home. Growing up in a Mexican house you the the similarities between the Mexicans, Ecuadorians, and all the others alike. It brings me closer and also expands my racial identity to include all. so if I can welcome this change, I can extend in farther to those across the sea. and possibly they can too.

Hola de Quito!
We are finishing up orientation in Quito. Tomorrow we head to the coast to explore Ecuadorian farm life. Quito is a bustling city and it has been such a great start to this journey. We have been able to get a taste, literally (of the food) and figuratively of the Ecuadorian culture in an urban environment. Architecturally, it is mostly a Spanish colonial style in the cities with narrow streets, many dogs, and endless amount of fruit and produce. The city is cradled by the mountains. We are mostly acquainting ourselves with the art of travelling and our group. Ecuadorian culture truly has my heart so far. the people, the food, the music, the pace of life etc. I look forward to all that is to come. Interactions with locals makes my day!
Cheers to new horizons !

Our first few days in Ecuador went very smoothly. Orientation was very thorough but necessary. We touched on some heavy topics but, it only brought us closer together as a group. We have all found a way to bond over at least a couple things. The group has great energy and our Overseas Educators have been so fantastic to work with. I can’t wait to see what the next few months has in store.

We’ve been in Quito for a few days, and it is beautiful. I love getting into the mindset of being able to speak Spanish constantly. Our group orientation activities have been constant but very rewarding. I’ve already learned so much and feel prepared to take on the challenges the following months will bring with the support of my new found peers. Our group has already bonded so much and I am very excited to embark on this journey with them.

Our first few days in Quito have been quite the whirlwind. Quito is a beautiful city, built in the valley and onto the mountain in Ecuador. Over the past few days we have had the chance to practice and learn a few words in Spanish, walk up stairs, navigate the city, take the buses, and visit the parks and botanical gardens. Our group is just starting to bond through our orientation and introductory activities. I think it is safe to say that we are all super excited for the adventure we will share over the next few months.

When I first arrived in Quito, Ecuador, I was fascinated by the hills and mountains that make up Quito. The city is beautiful and so far, we´ve eaten delicious food at restaurants and at the hostel. I like the hostel we’re staying in and the owners are very friendly and welcoming. I’ve enjoyed going to the parks and the botanical gardens and doing activities with the group. I really like my group! Suzannah and Adam are fun and encouraging and I feel like I’m already learning with their help. The kids in my group are also great and we all get along really well, so far. There’s a positive energy that every person in the group embodies and I’m excited to get closer with them.

It’s my fourth day in Ecuador, but it feels like I’ve been here for weeks, and only hours at the same time. Driving through the valleys and hillsides of Quito was when I first got that feeling of finally being in a place I’ve been waiting for for so long. There was almost this deep nostalgia while driving on the highway, catching glimpses of city life with the countryside on the outskirts. I remembered what it felt like to travel, to see the world outside of my New York bubble. The familiar sounds and sights were comfortable, and reminded me of how it feels to be a traveler, peering into a familiar but unfamiliar culture that’s stained my mind since my last excursion. The day after we arrived, we finally got to explore Quito and breath in all that entails. I was overwhelmed by the colorful houses, the bustling streets, and the sights that allowed us to take in the whole city in one glance. I felt a need to capture everything that was around me, especially the people, who all seemed to be out in the streets, carrying children and selling fruits. There is a vibrance to Quito that makes it so colorful and eclectic. We first climbed a steep set of stairs, panting from our lack of acclimatization to the altitude, and beaming as we reached the top and got to see the valley Quito is set in. The last couple of days has also included walking around a botanical garden, meeting the kids around me, and trying a lot of chicken and rice. I’m slowly learning new Spanish words each day, and getting more excited about the journey to come and getting closer with the people around me.

The past few day in Quito have been amazing! I have really enjoyed being able to walk around the streets and observe what is going on around me. I like to look around at all of the stores and see the different types of fruits and foods that people are selling. I notice how different it is from where I live, a quiet suburban town. The streets can get pretty hectic, and the cars drive really fast. I have to be aware of my surroundings at all times. I like the food here, and the sauce that they put on the table really helps me enjoy it more. Ive been having a really good time and i cant wait to continue this trip!