“It’s time for Africa…”

By Overseas Educators Cari and Frederick

Hey Everyone!

Aisei! Can you believe the future we’ve been stewing on is nearly here? In just a few days we’ll be boarding giant birds and flying together to begin our journey! Both of us, Cari and Frederick, have been camping in a lovely forest outside of Portland, sharing stories and getting ready for our upcoming adventure with all of you. We’re both excited to have awesome new experiences in some of our favorite places in the world!

Before you devour you last cone of frozen yogurt, a few reminders. We will be meeting in Amsterdam Schiphol airport at 9am on September 13th. Be certain to bring all of your valuables (documents, medications, etc.) in your carry-on bags. When your plane arrives, head straight to the gate for our flight to Entebbe, Uganda and we’ll see you there. You will recognize us by our bright colorful auras, and our Carpe t-shirts (or just check out our picture below). We may briefly take advantage of the abundance of waffle cookies, then head straight to Uganda.

We are looking forward so much to getting to know all of you as we travel across a land of welcomes, rolling hills, corn, charismatic megafauna, delicious fruit, chickens on buses and so much more. You’ll see! Enjoy your final days stateside by hugging your friends, eating 3 square burritos a day, or whatever that looks like for you. Pack a little extra fortitude in the bottom of your bag for when you need it most. Just be sure to save a little room for all the experiences we’ll collect along the way.

See you in the waffle cookie airport (AMS)!

Cari and Frederick