IWP and Home Sweet Home

Welcome back faithful readers, hope all who read this are doing as well as Team Seasia. After our adventures in Chiang Mia, the troop set off for IWP, a women’s justice center located in Mae Rim. There we learned much about Buddhism, eachother, and our inner being; deep stuff. There was a tight schedule of meditation of various sorts throughout the day; from sitting mediation, to walking meditation, to yoga. It was a little hard on the group at first, but it started to grow on us, and some of us are still doing it after the justice center. We had some wonderful teachers that taught a great deal about the different types of Buddhism, as well as meditation techniques that were both calming and frustrating. After the IWP we embarked on our most immersed expiriece yet; homestays with families that spoke absolutely no english, which it turns out dramatically increased our thai. Living with the families was an incredible expirience, it really gave us a sense of thai life style that we would have never had otherwise. Team Seasia’s morale is high, although living with families made the team miss being back in familiar homes; regardless it was one of the most memorable expiriences on the trip. Next up on the agenda is free travel picked by US!! so look out team leaders…muahahaha.
Much love,
your adventurers on the other side