Journeys end

Our dearest little Shivas,

Where do we begin? I guess back in SFO when everyone still had hair and was feeling a little nervous for what was to come. Luckily, Delhi took you all for a whirl, shook you up bit, and after conquering the chaotic city via scavenger hunt everyone was feeling ready to take on the semester. And so we did. We have shared so much together-not just in the activities themselves, but in the emotions, conversations and feelings created by exploring India and ourselves that the bonds that have formed between each member of our intimate group of 9 will be with us forever.

Thank you in joining us for the craziest of rides India had to offer this fall- from *kinda* learning the dance steps at the Durga festival, to chanting “Om Ganga Mai” while standing in Mother Ganga, to holding the cutest baby goats in Bodhgaya, to devouring egg rolls and all street food in Calucutta, to witnessing Jon with his balloon become famous in Varanasi (and having Lassi taste-offs!), to when India cancelled money and we all waited in endless lines for weeks, to Palampur- the coolest spot for student-directed travel ;), to eating Tibetan Bakery delights almost too often, to cooking a delicious Thanksgiving meal at the beautiful Dev Bala farm, to making friends with Pakistanis across the border at the closing ceremony… and the list could go on. There have been so many hilarious, challenging, intense moments we have shared this semester.

We have learned much from each other living so intimately together over 3 months, but we have also learned much from ourselves and have shown brilliant moments of growth, exploration and love.

Although we will each be moving forward with our own journeys now, take what you’ve learned with you. Always remember that your Shiva family is there to support you, and we know you each are going to bring so much light to everywhere you touch.

We have so much gratitude for each of you and all those who jumped in onto our journey, even if for a moment. And a special, massive thanks to Avy for her endless support and care.

With love for you all,
Anya and Jonathan