Kemper’s Vignette

For those who don’t know, Cuba has been experiencing a severe drought over the last few years which makes it very challenging for farmers to grow crops. One afternoon during our stay in Los Jasmines (a small farm town), a few group members and I were relaxing quietly on the back patio of our Casa Particular. The sun was beaming brutally against the dry soil as it had done everyday since our arrival in Cuba. I decided to take a break from my book and looked up at the sky. I noticed a thick, grey mass of clouds slowly making it’s way towards our location. Within a few minutes the clouds were atop us and it started to sprinkle ever so lightly. In just moments, our neighbors (who are farmers), burst out of their home into their backyard and started screaming with joy. “Lluvio! Lluvio” the daughter yelled in excitement. The group and I watched as the little family of three got together and danced and laughed in the rain, ecstatic to know their crops would receive water. This was an experience I feel I will never forget.