Kia Ora, Bula, and G’Day!

Emerging from the underground of the metro train station and into the heart of Sydney, a feeling of I’m sooo confused! washed over us all. The looming buildings that blocked the view of the night sky and bustling streets swarming with hurried people all seemed out of place. The weeks that proceeded this moment were ones of magic. We had spent twelve beautiful weeks learning and growing across the rustic lands of New Zealand, Fiji, and Australia. The Family Farm had grown us into a family. The wilds of New Zealand proved to us how tough we all are and all we can achieve when we are all working together. The time spent within the Maori communities questioned what we thought we knew and forced us to dig deeper. Le Bons Bay showed us beauty mixed with sustainability. The Nakuku village of Fiji taught us what true hospitality and love from a stranger can feel like and how quickly one can adapt to new ways once you open your arms to it. The silence of a meditation retreat gave us time for reflection on our own beings and ways of life. Conservation work in North Queensland and the Daintree grew our understanding of how the dedication of a few individuals can make a huge impact on this earth. SCUBA on the Great Barrier Reef displayed exactly why this earth is worth caring for. The Outback, finally, allowed for our family road trip across these ancient lands and gave us opportunity to honor and appreciate all that came before us in this sacred place called earth.

Twelve weeks coming to a sudden ending as we walked through the streets of Sydney, the bustle of the city seeming strange after the adventure we had partaken in and the transformations we had experienced in ourselves and in each other. We had one last dinner all together, ice cream to finish, reflection time in the park, and cuddle time in the hostel all before the light of dawn was upon us and we packed our bags for the final time together as we headed to the airport for some tear-filled see-ya-laters.

And now there are two. As we look back at the last twelve weeks are hearts are full and spilling over with gratitude. Thank you all for bringing so much laughter, enthusiasm and intention to this program. It was an absolute joy watching you all learn and grow so much over the course of three action packed months. Watching all of the friendships forged, challenges overcome, and diems carpe’d is exactly why we love what we do so much. You all are fantastic and we have so much love an respect for you all.

Ko Doom te Mauna

Ko Pacific te Mwana

No Boston me Washington District of Colombia me Tokyo me Connecticut me Vermont me Montana me Boston me Wisconsin me Colorado me Illinois me San Francisco me Connecticut me Florida me Portland aho.

No Walkabout Fam aho.

Ti hei, Maori ora!!

Vinaka vakalevu,

Doug and Kate